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What is the real significance of __cpuinit in the linux kernel code? I have come across normal kernel code acceessing __cpuinit functions. This gives me loads of modpost warnings. Is this normal or a serious error?

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__cpuinit actually tells the compiler to put the function into the specified elf section.

#define __cpuinit        __section(.cpuinit.text) __cold

the kernel code says in include/linux/init.h:

 /* modpost check for section mismatches during the kernel build.
 * A section mismatch happens when there are references from a
 * code or data section to an init section (both code or data).
 * The init sections are (for most archs) discarded by the kernel
 * when early init has completed so all such references are potential bugs.
 * For exit sections the same issue exists.  ......
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