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I'm creating a group conversation room on lync using 2010 sdk

var automation = Microsoft.Lync.Model.LyncClient.GetAutomation();
var asyncRes = automation.BeginStartConversation(AutomationModalities.InstantMessage, participants, contextData,
                                          ar => automation.EndStartConversation(ar), null);

Chat room gets created as expected, however later if inactivity period longer than 4 hrs occurs, the chat room gets closed down. Or rather, every participant of the chat room is kicked off it with a message "You have been removed from this conversation".

I've checked the AutoTerminateOnIdle flag on the created conversation and and it is set to false. It seems that this property might have effect only on Audio/Video


Now the only hack I could think of was to send automated message to the chat room every 4hrs, which is quite annoying.

Does anyone know how/where the config for closing the idle conversations is set?

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