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I am trying to connect to a webservice over ssl with a client certificate. Is there an elegant way of doing this apart from shoving things like "javax.net.ssl.keyStore" into System.properties.

Any pointers to code examples would be appreciated.

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You could just install the cert into the system keystore. (Location varies across platforms, and you will need admin rights).

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you might get some samples from the website for this book : http://www.manning.com/kanneganti/

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See example code in my article. It shows how to dynamically provide the custom keystore to the HTTPS server as for the WS client. http://jakubneubauer.wordpress.com/2011/09/06/java-webservice-over-ssl/

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Not sure if this is fully relevant, but still. This entry describes the way of generating the certificate and installing it on a local system without using the keytool. Probably you could reuse some parts of the (very simple) source code.

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