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I am using bootstrap-angular-ui-modal for a site I am working on. The code I am using to open the modal

        templateUrl: '/home/template',
        controller: myCtrl,
        resolve: {
            data: function () {
                return data;

Everything is working fine. But I need to find a way to execute some code after modal is loaded. I tried different things but can't make them work. Some of things I tried

In template I did

    document.onload = function () {

I also found there is a promise for the angular modal object named openned. I tried to


not working either. I can use some help here.

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UI-bootstraps modal has a result resolve.

"opened" - a promise that is resolved when a modal gets opened after downloading content's template and resolving all variables


Use ng-init. Create a div inside your template file:

<div ng-init="func()"></div>
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tried opened promise. gets called before modal is loaded. that is why jquery binding codes not working. and about ng-init - The only appropriate use of ngInit for aliasing special properties of ngRepeat, as seen in the demo below. Besides this case, you should use controllers rather than ngInit to initialize values on a scope. – Muctadir Oct 29 '13 at 11:58
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This is definitely not a good solution, but at least worked for me. I just added a timeout before executing the desired function,

    $timeout(function() {
        }, delay));
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If you're wanting to do something after the DOM is loaded, it's best to do that sort of thing inside a directive. See here:

You could mark your modal body (or something inside the modal) with your directive attribute, then create the directive like so:

App.directive('myDirective', function($timeout) {
        function link(scope, element, attrs) {
            $timeout(function () {
                // stuff to do after DOM load here

        return {
             link: link
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this doesn't seem to work in the $modalInstance Controller – Kirby Dec 30 '14 at 19:30
Which part isn't working? Where is it breaking down for you? – jdmcnair Dec 31 '14 at 21:53

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