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I have a web page and when a user hover on to an image, a new image opens up on the right hand side with some links in it.Basically, I want to find where are those links defined in the code. ( I am using Coldfusion). I can see the HTML thing defined clearly by using Firebug(Script section) and the Web Developer tool option which can be accessed in Firefox and Chrome buy using (Ctrl + Shift + i ) option. Is there an easy way of determining where exactly I can find what I am looking for?

Please share your experience.


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If you want to go directly to the code for a specific element on the page, just right-click and choose Inspect Element in Chrome. If you use Firebug and Firefox, you just choose Inspect Element with Firebug instad.

Uppdate based on comment

You cannot go from the rendered version in the browser to the actual code on your server. Assuming that you can access your files through an FTP client, you will have to navigate to that file manually.

Where they are located is depending on the structure of the page. If you have a simple html website without an CMS, it is usually located according to the same structure as the page URL. If the url is example.com/category/page.html the file will be located in the root folder -> a folder named 'category' -> a file namned page.html. Open that file and you will find the code.

To go to a specific line of code that you have looked up with the Inspect Element feature, I usually just search for it within the code editor. You can probably find a search feature in your editor in the menu.

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Inspect element will tell me where exactly that link is defined i nthe HTML code but I want to know in which folder that HTML code is written so that I can make changes. –  Jack Oct 29 '13 at 15:56
Because this question comes up very often, there is even an FAQ section at getfirebug.com answering this. Jens already answered this question in detail, I just want to add that the contents you're seeing on the page could even come from the database. So you won't necessarily find the line inside the code. –  Sebastian Zartner Oct 30 '13 at 13:26

Tough to completely understand your question. But the way that I find specific areas of code on the page is via the inspector tool with Google Chrome. Right click on an element (like the link in question) and select "Inspect element".

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