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I have a canvas for showing medical image and I have another canvas for annotating images by draw shape or line.

when I draw a line on canvas#2 I want to copy drawn line on canvas#1 something like this:

  var context = canvas1.getContext('2d');

but beacuase my canvas#1 has a getcontext('webgl') i cant do that.

I mean how to simulate

  drawImage() for getcontext('webgl')?

I really appreciate any help or advice.



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Well, you could just use the toDataURL method of the webgl canvas to convert it into an image. Then draw it on the 2d context.

ctx2D.drawImage(webGLCanvas.toDataURL("image/png"), 0, 0);

In this case I believe you might have to set the preserveDrawingBuffer propertie of the webgl canvas to true when initializing it.

...getContext("webgl", {preserveDrawingBuffer: true});
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thanks for your answer but I need completely Vice Versa. I want to copy image to canvas with contex('webgl'). – Zohreh Oct 31 '13 at 11:37
Sorry I got it all wrong then. It's a bit more complicated, in this case you'd have to get the 2D canvas image through toDataURL and use it as a texture on a square plane and draw it on the openGL context maybe using an ortho projection matrix. But I'm not into OpenGL stuff so I can't really help you with that =/ – Delta Nov 1 '13 at 22:27

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