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[The issue is solved using another filter, see the update at the bottom.]

I am working with C++ and ITK, and I have a greyscale image, representing the bone map of a lumbar spine. I am trying to detect its border using a Canny filter: for this purpose, I am using the Canny filter implementation from the official ITK's guide (I am using that code as is, so I do not paste it here). As you can see, the input image is really simple, and it shouldn't be difficult to extract its contour that way.

I am expecting an output image totally black, except for the bone's border, that should be a closed curve. However, ITK produces the result that you can see in the image on the right, consisting in multiple, "concentric" borders.

How do you explain this result? Do you have a formal explanation about what's going on with that algorithm? I have tried to modify the filter's parameters (variance, upperThresold and lowerThresold), but without luck. Some combinations of parameters give a totally black image, and none of them gives a result better that this one.

Bone map of a lumbar spine - Grayscale image Strange result of Canny filtering

UPDATE: Just as a note, I solved using a "Gradient Magnitude Filter". With that filter, I obtain a well-defined shape for the contour. So, the issue is no longer critical for me, but I keep the post open, just for the sake of curiosity. If you have any idea regarding the Canny filter's behaviour, I can test it.

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You mentioned this image was grayscale. Have you tried binarizing it and then applying the filter? Is this a 16 bpp grayscale image? If so then it is possible that the image actually has those edges but the current window/level (if applied) doesn't show those edges (the output of window/level is 8 bpp)? –  ananthonline Oct 29 '13 at 14:29
@ananthonline: Thank you so much...but I think that the image is in 8bpp already :-( If I select File Properties, clicking with the right mouse button on the file, and I go under "Details", I see Bit Depth: 8. I think that you intended that. –  Andrea Oct 29 '13 at 14:35

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