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I've been given some code with commenting unlike anything I've come across before:

//{{{ Imports
import imports;

It is the same for each method block,

//{{{ above the code block  
//}}} below the code block

ALSO SEE: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Folding_editor

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A quick search for "triple curly" comment suggests it's "Emacs folding mode".

Or some other code folding marker in any case.

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jEdit uses {{{ and }}} to mark "explicit" folds.

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Actually, Vim uses those triple braces in comments, too.

Tell the one you got the code from, that folding this way is a bad idea. Vim can set fold points at syntactic folding hints, defined in the highlighting file.

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It may also be for some code generators. Some generators allow you to edit generated code, and use markers like that so the generator knows where it can regenerate.

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Maybe it's to emphasize a code block?


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