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My Android App is very slow on the Galaxy S4. And for SLOW I mean, 10 - 20 times slower than it is on a Galaxy SII... the weird thing it's that it is fast enough on the S2, galaxy tab 10.1, galaxy note 10.1 and a bunch of other samsung devices; it is perceptibly slower on the S3, and VERY slower on the S4...

It's a big app that uses a lot of animations and loads a lot of images from the assets folder and scales them...

I know that what I wrote it's not very helpful... did somebody get the same issue on some app?

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Did you try and profile it? See what takes up the most time? –  Femaref Oct 29 '13 at 14:35
Specifically, use Traceview to figure out where your time is being spent. –  CommonsWare Oct 29 '13 at 14:38

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No experience with the specific Galaxy S4. But what you can do to find potential issues is to check the Show GPU overdraw setting in developer settings. It shows areas that are drawn multiple times, which is very slow.

Besides that, check the hierarchy viewer to see if your layout trees are too deep, StrictMode to see if you are blocking the UI thread, and lint to do static code analysis for general problems.

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I've found the problem: I don't know why but it slows when it loads images from the assets folder... it works really smooth if I put all those images in the drawable folder. The problem, now, is that i can't do it because my app will download the images from the internet (it will download a zip and put the images in a folder of the application).

Will try something else...


I am now using picasso for android and it works really smooth... recommended!!!

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