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Using ApacheDS 2.0 I have created embedded Ldap server. Example here. How can I enable ssl? I did not find any method in LDAP API or DefaultDirectoryService class which enables SSL. I was able to configure the keystone and password though.

Java Code:

server = new LdapServer();
int serverPort = 10636;
TcpTransport transports = new TcpTransport(serverPort);


System.out.println("SSL ? " + server.isEnableLdaps(transports)); //this prints false

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We need to enable in transport.

TcpTransport transports = new TcpTransport(serverPort);
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Looks like this is not enough. I am seeing ssl handshake issue. But could be related to certificate I am using. Caused by: no cipher suites in common – DaBears Oct 29 '13 at 20:27

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