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Lets say I have a list name Label1 such as below

[1] "adelaide"  "allah"     "ampamp"    "anak"      "anwar"     "audit"     "australia" "bajet"    
[9] "baru"      "bersama"   "blog"      "dato"      "doakan"    "dsai"      "eid"       "festival" 

and I would like to just print it all out to an image (png). Any idea? Also include a title on the top if possible. I tried using

png(file.choose(), w=700, h=1000)

However it just works for plot I guess.

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I would say textplot or even a word cloud is probably better, but here is a simple way that gives you some control...

Label1 = c("adelaide","allah","ampamp","anak","anwar","audit","australia","bajet","baru","bersama","blog","dato","doakan","dsai","eid","festival" )

# set up the empty frame
 main = "Image Title")

# set up the positions:
x = rep(seq(20,80,20),4)
y = c(20,20,20,20,40,40,40,40,60,60,60,60,80,80,80,80)

# plot the words using text()


enter image description here

An example of the word cloud option:

wordcloud(Label1, colors=(rep(brewer.pal(8,"Spectral"),2)), ordered.colors=TRUE)


enter image description here

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Thanks! this is awesome! –  Napmi Oct 30 '13 at 3:08
Glad it helped. Check out wordclouds too for some fun. (I put a link to a different library in the original answer.) –  beroe Oct 30 '13 at 3:50

Try textplot in the gplots package.

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