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I am a beginner to Flex development (so keep it in mind when answering) and i have a Adobe Flex form in which it has many input Field. I use VBox, HBox as container to layout the page.

So the question is: How do i display error messages when i have many input fields by using Adobe Flex ? And what should i do to show error message when i have many input Field with absolute position ?

There are good resources about it in web ?

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The short answer is that you should use the Validator classes (ie StringValidator) to validate the input on the individual fields. You will end up with a Validator for each input. Flex inputs have built in display of error messages and highlighting to display invalid inputs.

Here's a blog post of mine that outlines the method I use:

Here's a somewhat more advanced approach utilizing Hamcrest-AS3:

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@Joel Hooks Thank you, UPvoting. If you know other resources, share it with us. – Arthur Ronald Dec 27 '09 at 16:28

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