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I am building a responsive website with a large carousel with multiple images on the front page.

I want to make a different size of image for each device. And I want to ensure that only the right image for that device is downloaded to save bandwidth for mobile users.

I can make bootstrap show only the right images by doing something like this:

<img src=" http://placehold.it/1700x700" alt="Placeholder" class="visible-lg"/>
<img src=" http://placehold.it/1100x700" alt="Placeholder" class="visible-md"/>
<img src=" http://placehold.it/900x700" alt="Placeholder" class="visible-sm"/>
<img src=" http://placehold.it/768x700" alt="Placeholder" class="visible-xs"/> 

If I load this on a xs device, will it still download all the 4 images, or just the bottom one? What's the best practice to ensure it only downloads the right ones?

Really appreciate your help as always.

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Your example will load all four images, which is a real pain for mobile device users (and extra demand on your server). Responsive images is one of the few areas where there isn't an widely-agreed "best solution" in place, and most developers will just shrug when pressed for an answer.

I've found that the 1.5x Hack works pretty well in most use cases:

http://alistapart.com/article/mo-pixels-mo-problems (at the end, but worth reading all the way through).

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PS: If you want to test whether all four images are being loaded, use the Network Tab in Chrome's dev-tools. –  Richard A. Oct 29 '13 at 15:45

Well, it's also very late, but I had a similar problem.

Just build a div around it and use the classes there.


<div  class="visible-lg">
  <img src=" http://placehold.it/1700x700" alt="Placeholder" />
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bootstrap css is loaded after HTML. So the image here will be loaded AND hidden after ... –  Maxime Oct 24 '14 at 11:41

Have a look at "responsiveimages.org" as they are trying to solve this very problem and a proper solution is better than a hack. It's a bit late to answer but since I was trying to solve the same problem I thought I'd post what I'm doing :-)

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So, do you know what kind of cross browser compatibility is supported by this fix? I can't find information, because googling anything with responsive images or ricg return results that are unrelated –  Cory Baumer Mar 13 '14 at 18:42
Very cool but also very little browser support, especially for older versions. Zero support in IE. I am looking forward to this one though. –  Perry Jun 4 at 14:55

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