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My perl-grep statement is not capturing all the elements of a large match (~32k characters), but it has no trouble with smaller matches.

The grep command I want to use in order to grab "allowed [ < TEXT > ]":

    grep -P '(?si)^\s*allowed\s*\[.*?\]' file.txt

For some reason, if the file is large-ish, the dot stops matching lines. Therefore the above grep doesn't match anything because '.*?\]' can't eat enough to find the ']'.

    grep -P '(?si)^\s*allowed\s*\[.*' bigFile.txt | wc
1883 1883 32764

But it can still consume the entire file using .*:

    grep -P '(?si).*' bigFile.txt | wc
10003 10003 178910



As you can see, the BigFile should be matched in its entirety. Instead it stops after about 32k characters, about at line 1880.

I am using Grep2.5.1. My best guess is that this version of grep can only match about 2^15=32768 characters from within a pattern...

For comparison, on another machine running grep 2.6.3, the following works fine

grep -Pzo '(?si)^\s*allowed\s*\[.*?\]' bigFile.txt
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You're using a non-greedy operator in one command:

grep -P '(?si)^\s*allowed\s*\[.*?\]' file.txt

and a greedy operator in the other:

grep -P '(?si)^\s*allowed\s*\[.*' bigFile.txt | wc

This may cause differences in how grep matches your file.

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True. But I am trying to show the issue I see. if ".*" won't match all the lines, then ".*?\]" will never match because it can't eat enough to find the ']' –  user2588491 Oct 29 '13 at 16:36

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