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We have to convert Leads to accounts via REST -OAuth calls. We are able to create, update(Edit) and Detail Lead fields but not able to convert them.

We found the same is possible via SOAP API but we are following REST OAuth only.

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Yes and we resolved this by creating an Apex class for REST call. Sample code is this -

global with sharing class RestLeadConvert {            

global static String doGet() {
    String ret = 'fail';
    RestRequest req = RestContext.request;
    RestResponse res = RestContext.response;
    String leadId = req.requestURI.substring(req.requestURI.lastIndexOf('/')+1);              
    Database.LeadConvert lc = new Database.LeadConvert();

    LeadStatus convertStatus = [SELECT Id, MasterLabel FROM LeadStatus WHERE IsConverted=true LIMIT 1];
    Database.LeadConvertResult lcr ;
        lcr = Database.convertLead(lc);
        ret = 'ok';
    catch(exception ex){
        system.debug('***NOT CONVERTED**');           
    return ret;

And you can use this call by

<Your Instance URL>/services/apexrest/Lead/<LeadId>
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Would this work for connected apps as well? As in, if my app server is on AWS/GCE? – Debnath Sinha Jan 8 '15 at 14:26

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