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I am developing a grails application and have just today installed Shiro plugin to add in authentication. The problem I encounter is that I have an inventory of cards for two offices and want to separate views for each. The problem I have is that I want to have an Admin and User role for each office.

I want to use <shiro:hasAllroles>, as well as <shiro:hasAnyRole> tag, however I do not understand how to create a Role Group. I'd like to have the following:

  • Office1 User and Admin group.
  • Office2 User and Admin group.

My Shiro setup is basically just default, I've not made changes to anything but the User where I added some custom fields.

So I got it to work but I feel like there must be a more clever way to doing this, so far I've got :

  <shiro:hasAnyRole in="['office1Admin', 'office2User']" > 

That seems to do the job

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