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I am trying to configure NSURLCache with the maximum disc capacity possible. I'm on iOS 7.

according to the docs, NSURLCache's discCapacity attribute is a NSUInteger, aka unsigned int, which should accept a maximum value of 4,294,967,295 (0xFFFFFFFF). However, using any value above 0x7FFFFFFF (2147483647) results in the value actually reporting itself as 0 and the disc cache isn't working at all.

Furthermore, using 0x7FFFFFFF (2GB), actually results in malloc errors as soon as the disc cache fills up anywhere close to the 2GB.

The only way i found this working is with a maximum value of 1GB (1073741824). When using this value, all works as expected.

I would like to use NSURLCache with as much disc capacity as possible for my application. How can i use 8 or even 16GB?

Update [adding code example as requested in comments]:

NSURLCache* sharedCache = [[NSURLCache alloc] initWithMemoryCapacity:sizeInBytes

[NSURLCache setSharedURLCache:sharedCache];

or you can also do:

[[NSURLCache sharedURLCache] setDiskCapacity:sizeInBytes];
[[NSURLCache sharedURLCache] setMemoryCapacity:sizeInBytes];
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Could you share some code to see how you allocate disccapacity and memory to NSURLCache? –  Nikos M. Oct 29 '13 at 16:40

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According to the iTunes Connect Developer Guide there's a hard 2 GB limit on the size of an app. This includes the app bundle, the documents folder, and the tmp folder, the library folder (where caches are stored on disk), etc.

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I don't interpret this statement as applicable to the issue i encounter. The guidelines refer to the app distribution bundle, i.e. everything you ship in an .ipa. Caches, as that of NSURLCache, that vary in size during runtime, are not part of the app diet bundle. Just my 2c. –  pixbroker Oct 29 '13 at 18:16

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