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I'm trying to return a Page of member data from a neo4j Repository using Spring Data REST. The repository code looks like this:

public interface MemberRepository extends GraphRepository<Member>{


@Query(value = "START member=node:__types__(className=\"Member\") MATCH `member`-[r:`FOLLOWING`]->`followee` WHERE ID(member)={memberId} AND (followee.forename =~ {searchString} OR followee.surname =~ {searchString} ) RETURN followee ORDER BY followee.forename ASC")
Page<Member> searchFollowing(@Param("memberId") long memberId, @Param("searchString") String searchString, Pageable p);



The List of members is returning nicely as I would expect. However, the paging data is not being returned. When I use a MySQL repository, the returned dataset includes the following paging information:

"page": {
    "size": "20",
    "totalElements": "0",
    "totalPages": "0",
    "number": "1"

This data is not returned when I use the neo4j repository. Why would this be? I have also requested the full list of the repository through a REST call and this also fails to return the paging info. In addition, I have also included the countQuery parameter in the @Query annotation with no luck either. What am I missing?

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Seems to be an SD-REST issue, can you try to run this embedded and see if the paging information is there? – Michael Hunger Oct 29 '13 at 20:38
Thanks Michael - yes, it seems to be there OK when I don't use SD-REST. We may have to change our architecture to accommodate this. Is this a known issue? – SnowJon Oct 30 '13 at 12:43

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