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I am working on MVC 2.0 Web Application in C#.

I am very new to MVC . I wanted to implement Windows Authentication and Role based Authentication in my application.

I was sucessful in implementing windows authentication. I have configured Properly to make my application work with windows authentication.


<authentication mode="Windows"/>
      <deny users="?"/>
      <allow users="*"/>

So, from Windows Active directory i was able to get the logged in user name.

Then in the Session_Start of my application , i am sending that username to database whether

that particular is a valid user for that Application.

Now, Here i only have two roles: Normal user and Admin

So, a normal user should be restricted to only some set of pages.

I have database table structure like this: Sample Data Example

  UserID  IsAdmin

       1    false

       2    true

       3    false

I have read many articles on this. But, after reading all those i was pretty much confused about the approach to be followed.

How can i create my custom Authorize Attribute to restrict the access and hiding the contents of page.

Please give some ideas / sample examples on this.

NOte: I am working MVC 2.0 Application

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