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How can I update the querystring parameter value after a post?

Picture a page with a resultset list and a set of radio buttons over top. If the user selects a radio button option and clicks submit, the view is rendered with a different resultset. i.e. the user selects "Query Type 2" from the radio buttons and submits.

In my controller:

public ActionResult MyReport
    ( string querytype,
      string period)
    model.querytype = querytype;
    model.period = period;

In my View:

@using (Html.BeginForm(new { 
querytype = Model.querytype,
period = Model.period

Before post: http://somedoamin.ext/mypage?querytype=1&period=2013 After post: The parameters have the same values. querytype should be =2. If the submit button is clicked again, the param value is updated.

How do I get the querytype parameter to show the selected value when the view is rendered after a post?

The querystring needs to be updated so that a user can bookmark the page.

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