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I'm trying to find a way to extract video into frames. The main goal is to change the image using openGl and construct the video again.

the problem is that I can't find a desent way to extract the video. I've been seen that a lot of familiar questions were answered with the use of MediaMetadataRetriever, no - I don't wan't to use it because it works really slow.

I did a little research about libraries like - jcodec, ffmpeg ,openCV and mp4parser.

jcodec - works fine but really slow, every getFrame() costs 1 second.

ffmpeg - its licence making you reveal your code.

openCV - I didn't see how I can use it, maybe I can accomplish what I need with it but it looks too complicated and I'm looking for a simplier solution.

mp4parser - get decoded frames but doesn't support encoding them

I really love to get help on that one. tnx

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No, ffmpeg libraries are licensed with LGPL, and don't require opening all your code. The android build of avcodec include an interface to libstagefright, which provides hardware codecs for h264 (avc). This is as fast as you can get on Android.

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