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I wanted to build AsciiAsciiRevolution so I checked it out and typed make

$ make
rebuild AAR.d -oqobj -I~/tango/ -Iycurses/modules -L-lncursesw -dc=ldc-posix-tango -version=Tango
/bin/sh: 1: rebuild: not found

Huh? What's rebuild?

$ ls
AAR.d                  asciiSprite.d   graphics       levels.txt  README          util
animatedAsciiSprite.d  backupDancer.d  input.d        Makefile    selectScreen.d  warningBar.d
arrow_charts           dancingMan.d    level.d        music       sounds          ycurses
arrowSection.d         dataScore.d     levelScreen.d  narwhal.d   types.d

What the... is this that mysterious D Language I've heard about?

$ cat Makefile
    rebuild AAR.d -oqobj -I~/tango/ -Iycurses/modules -L-lncursesw -dc=ldc-posix-tango -version=Tango

    drebuild AAR.d -oqobj -I/usr/include/d/ldc -Iycurses/modules -L-lncursesw -dc=ldc-posix-tango -version=Tango -I~/repos/tango

    rm AAR obj/*.o

Okay, I just have to install rebuild and drebuild!

$ sudo apt-get install rebuild drebuild
Reading package lists... Done
Building dependency tree       
Reading state information... Done
E: Unable to locate package rebuild

At this point I tried apt-cache search rebuild, but nothing there seemed related to dlang. What is rebuild, and how can I install it using apt-get or yum?

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rebuild is a rather old build tool for D. It is part of DSSS (D Shared Source System), which was an early attempt at a D package manager. You can find more information on the project's page on Dsource: http://www.dsource.org/projects/dsss

These tools have not been maintained for a long time and today are rarely used. They have been replaced by rdmd (included with the compiler) for the build tool, and dub as the package manager.

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So it sounds like I'm not going to apt-get my way out of this one and I'll just have to download and install it manually. –  Cory Klein Oct 29 '13 at 17:47
Yep, I don't think those tools were packaged for any distribution. –  CyberShadow Oct 29 '13 at 18:42

To add to CyberShadow's response.

That code was developed with a very old tool chain, specifically it uses D v1 with Tango. Luckily it likely means that with those properly installed, building should work.

If you were to download v2 there would be work to update everything, which wouldn't be simple if you're not already familiar with the language and its tooling.

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