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Having upgraded pylint and pydev on Eclipse/Windows I have two problems

  1. I get a warning on EVERY line about trailing whitespace, although there is no trailing whitespace.
  2. the description in the problems panel does not show the warning/error ID number anymore

is there some extra setup I need?


I have added ignore-C0303 to get rid of whitespace warnings, and added msg-template={msg_id}:{line:3d},{column}: {obj}: {msg} to get the ID's back. The only problem I have left is ignored-argument-names=_.* does not seem to work. I always get W0613 warnings for arguments starting with _ any help would be appreciated.

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Trailing whitespace false positive under windows platform is described and resolved, though the fix has not been released yet.

For your other problem, W0613 is not impacted by the ignored-argument-names configuration, but by dummy-variables-rgx whose default has been changed in 1.0 to match only '_', not any identifier with leading underscore. This particular change/issue is discuted on

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