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I have a scala project that I'm doing an sbt publish on. It gives me some artifacts:


Now I want to run a class inside of that jar:

$ mvn -f /maven/repo/com/davez0r/proj_2.10/vers/ exec:java 

This doesn't work:

java.io.FileNotFoundException: /maven/repo/com/davez0r/proj_2.10/vers/pom.xml

Ok, I can point mvn at the pom file that sbt generated:

$ mvn -f /maven/repo/com/davez0r/proj_2.10/vers/proj_2.10-vers.pom exec:java 

Now it finds my dependencies, but it doesn't find the jar sitting next to the pom:

java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: com.davez0r.App

I can create a separate project whose only dependency is this set of artifacts, but that seems unnecessary. I'll post the details of this as an answer.

Is there any way to run directly from the repo via mvn? Do I have something set incorrectly in my pom?



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Can get this working by creating a separate pom.xml:




Then I can mvn exec:java in the directory containing the above file and it runs fine.

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