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I need to write server application that interacts with 3 types of clients: desktop app, mobile app and web front-end. Maximum number of concurrent connections would be 2 or 3 thousand. The approximate exchange format:

  1. Desktop app (written in Python + PyQt)

    a) Client: Data request Server: Data response

    b) Server: Notify Client: Acknowledge

  2. Mobile app (Android):

    a) Client: Send data Server: Acknowledge

    b) Server: Notify Client: Acknowledge

  3. Web front-end:

    a) Client: Data request Server: Data response

Data is selections from SQL and contains order info, customer info, gps data etc. I am planing to use json for data serialization, but I don't quite understand which underlying protocol and extensions should I chose. In case of front-end I want to use Tornado and implement the RESTfull api. I know, that it can be also used for other types of clients, but is implementing server to client messaging with Tornado a good idea? Maybe it is better to implement this with ZeroMQ (or another messaging system) or use raw TCP sockets? And how about Tulip, should I use it instead of Tornado?

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