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I was working previously on No-Sql like MongoDB. Now I want to switch to ETL process, for that I was searching ETL tools which integrate to MongoDB, Hadoop and that tool should be having good community edition or open source because of initially I want to learn ETL so currently not possible to buy the Enterprise Edition, so any one knows which one is good ETL tool which satisfied my requirement.

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Check out Pentaho Suite, specifically the Kettle software. –  aet Oct 29 '13 at 18:17
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One of the best is definitely Talend Open Studio for Big Data. But it requires a lot of hacking for effective work (you may need to implement your own components or inject custom Java-code to get the desired result).

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I think Kettle is one of the most popular (at least from what I have noticed). Kettle

It has a lot of features and is "fairly" user friendly.

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