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I've setup my Play! (with Slick) application to use H2 when running tests, and it has worked great so far. I'm getting an error now, because of a plain-SQL query that uses lower-case column and table names, and H2 complains that the TABLE (all uppercase) could not be found.

Now I need to set a few options, IGNORECASE for sure, and possibly the MODE.

When I setup my database for tests, I use

def fakeAppWithMemoryDatabase = FakeApplication(additionalConfiguration = inMemoryDatabase())

For development, I use PSQL, so in my application.conf file, I have:



From the documentation, I see I can pass settings to the db.default.url string, like


but my default.url setting is for my Postgres DB. Is there a way to pass in MODE and IGNORECASE settings to H2 in this scenario?

I have tried to append SET IGNORECASE TRUE; to my SQL query but I still receive the same error.

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If you create the table names with quoted, uppercase identifiers (create table "TEST"(...)) then you also need to use the quotes when querying. So I wonder, why don't you just create the table without using quotes (create table TEST or create table test)? – Thomas Mueller Oct 30 '13 at 9:05
jbnunn, please post the scala/slick code doing the query that lead to your problem and the exact error message you get. How did you create the tables? Also see… – cvogt Oct 31 '13 at 9:02

Ok, based off this merge into the Play! code, I figured it out:

FakeApplication(additionalConfiguration = inMemoryDatabase(options = Map("MODE"->"PostgreSQL","IGNORECASE"->"TRUE")))

Unfortunately, IGNORECASE wasn't what I thought it was, my tables and columns still need to be capitalized in order for H2 to properly use my plain-SQL queries.

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You need to add DATABASE_TO_UPPER=false to your Url. It will let you leave the "" out. With this I will continue to use H2 otherwise I wouldn't. Can't tell why this option is true by default...

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