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I am using VB .NET and I need to make two RichTextBoxes in the same window that always such that moving the scrollbar on one of them scrolls both. Both horizontal and vertical scrollbars should always be in the same position in both boxes. After much research, and trying a number of "solutions" from the internet that don't seem to do anything at all, the only solution I have come up that moves the scrollbars is to inherit the RichTextBox with API calls as follows:

Public Class ScrollableRichTextBox
    Inherits RichTextBox

    Private Declare Auto Function SendMessage Lib "user32.dll" _
           (ByVal hWnd As IntPtr, _
            ByVal Msg As Integer, _
            ByVal wParam As IntPtr, _
            ByRef lParam As System.Drawing.Point) As Integer

    Private Const WM_USER = &H400
    Private Const EM_GETSCROLLPOS = WM_USER + 221
    Private Const EM_SETSCROLLPOS = WM_USER + 222

    Public Overrides Property AutoScrollOffset As System.Drawing.Point
            Dim loc As New Drawing.Point()
            SendMessage(Me.Handle, EM_GETSCROLLPOS, 0, loc)
            Return loc
        End Get
        Set(ByVal value As System.Drawing.Point)
            SendMessage(Me.Handle, EM_SETSCROLLPOS, 0, value)
        End Set
    End Property
End Class

Then, having created two ScrollableRichTextBoxes, rtA and rtB, in my main window, I attempt to tie the scrollbars together like so:

Dim ScrollGo as Boolean
Private Sub TieScrollbars(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As EventArgs) _
         Handles rtA.HScroll, rtB.HScroll, rtA.VScroll, rtB.VScroll
    If Not ScrollGo Then Exit Sub 'Poor man's mutex
    ScrollGo = False
    CType(If(sender Is rtA, rtB, rtA), RichTextBox).AutoScrollOffset = _
          CType(sender, RichTextBox).AutoScrollOffset
    ScrollGo = True
End Sub

As I said, this does cause the scrollbar on rtB to move when I scroll in rtA; however, it moves by a much shorter distance. If I drag the rtA scrollbar halfway down, then the rtB scrollbar moves down maybe 1/50 of the way.

In debugging, I'm able to see that immediately after the line that sets the scroll values in the TieScrollbars function, the values are still different. If a value of 100 goes in, the value that ends up being set is 5. If a value of 65332 goes in, the value that is set is 3031. I altered TieScrollbars to store both the incoming value and the set value in a file, and it's always off by a factor between 11 and 32.

Anyone ever had this issue before? It's really very annoying. Thanks in advance for any help.


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Nobody has seen this before? Crap. –  Gorcq Oct 31 '13 at 19:01

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