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So, I do a

git config git-p4.branchList foo/bar:baz/garply
git init
git p4 sync //depot/foo/bar
git p4 sync --branch=baz/garply //depot/baz/garply

When all was said and done, I was hoping that there would be relationship between foo/bar (the master branch) and baz/garply (the branch off of the master branch). There wasn't.

I am able to git checkout master and I correctly land in the master branch. But, when I try to switch to "baz/garply" git checkout p4/baz/garply, I land in a detached HEAD. (git diff master from this detached HEAD also seems to result in very incorrect results.)

I assume that git-p4 does not maintain relationships primarily through the branchList mechanism? Is there a way to establish this relationship between the branches?

(Note that I am doing git sync rather than git clone because of the repositories are huge and I'd rather not check them out again. Also, the detect-branches mechanism won't work because the repository is too large.)

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I wish I had an answer for you that actually works, because I need one too.

I edited .git/info/grafts to have a line like this:


in which HASH1 is the first commit on the garply branch, and HASH2 was garply's parent on master.

Problem is that now I can't git p4 sync or git p4 submit and have it actually work.

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Generally, if you don't have a proposed solution, you should not post an answer. Keep it to the comments :-) – FastTrack Nov 8 '13 at 19:06

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