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I have a Rails app deployed to Heroku using Memcachier (Dalli as client). I'm using the free add-on (which offers a 25 MB cache).

We started to receive request timeouts from heroku and, after debugging, we found out that manually flushing Memcachier solved the problem.

Timeouts occur when Memcachier reaches levels near its limit, like 20 MB (when limit is 25 MB).

Why Memcachier doesn't free cache space with time? Is there any missing configuration to tell Memcachier to flush when cache reach certain size?

My conf:


config.cache_store = :dalli_store


client = Dalli::Client.new
config.action_dispatch.rack_cache = {
    :metastore    => client,
    :entitystore  => client,
    :allow_reload => false
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