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I know there's several posts to this subject, but so far none of them solved my problem.

Pedido class:

public class PedidoBean{  
private int CD_PEDIDO;  
private Vector<ItemPedidoBean> vetorItemPedido = null;

ItemPedido class:

public class ItemPedidoBean{  
private int ID_PRODUTO;  

Note: There are more attributes, however, is not necessary.

Piece of code which sets the object to send to the WebService: In this case, the object request already completed along with your items.

SoapObject request = new SoapObject(NAMESPACE,  

for (PedidoBean pb : vetorPedido) {

            PropertyInfo pi = new PropertyInfo();  
            pi.name = "ListaPedido";  


Now comes the problem, when you reach the WebService, the object request is coming with all correct values​​, however, the object ItemPedido, is always coming with their attributes null.

Someone has passed or imagine what could be the problem?

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