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I'm using the Angular Leaflet Directive and want to dynamically populate the pop up content.

To populate the content, you can assign an html string to a property called "messages". Example shown here.

I want to use a directive templateUrl to create the dynamic content, convert it to an HTML string and assign it to the messages property in the controller.

I accomplished this but my solution seems overly complex to me. Is there a better way?

See my plunkr solution here.

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I've found a solution for your question here. https://github.com/tombatossals/angular-leaflet-directive/issues/238 Using ng-include in the popup content.

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FYI I decided to ditch the idea of a dynamically populated popup message and will be routing to a separate view which will slide up on a click event.

I'll be using nested views with angular-ui router

Examples of Leaflet events with angular directive.

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