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I'm using a WebBrowser in my C# application to display my web page. I have a div that is set to semi-transparent using the standard rgba:


It works fine in Firefox and my IE 10 but just doesn't appear in my C# WebBrowser.

Is there a way I can work around this and make a semi-transparent background for a C# WebBrowser?

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maybe try something like:

background-color: #ff00ff;
opacity: .5;

and this question might have some insights (read all the answers/comments) CSS: semi-transparent background, but not text

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Awesomium and Awesomium.NET is an HTML UI Engine that supports just that.

Check the WPF WebControl. You can set WebControl.IsTransparent to true, and load some content with say body { background-color: transparent; } (you can even specify a custom CSS to be applied to all loaded pages, using WebSession).

via Perikles C. Stephanidis

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