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I'd like to overlay a number of images (PNG, same size for all, with transparency). So far, my code is as follows.

    bg = New Bitmap(
    g = Graphics.FromImage(bg)

    overlay = New Bitmap(tree.Image)
    g.DrawImage(overlay, 0, 0)

Now, I would like to overlay one more image, but this is based on a user's input from a textbox. So, to get that image, we need to take the user's input, and get the respective resource file.

I do it as follows:

Dim stream As IO.Stream = Nothing    
Dim path As String = Assembly.GetName().Name.ToString() + "." + inputbox.text + ".png"
stream = Assembly.GetManifestResourceStream(path)

And this correctly finds the image stream.

Now, I try and overlay the images:

    overlay = New Bitmap(stream)
    g.DrawImage(overlay, 0, 0)

However, this overlay doesn't seem to work.

Note that if I do something like this:

overlay = New Bitmap(My.Resources._5)
g.DrawImage(overlay, 0, 0)

The overlay works correctly.

So question is: Why is the overlay not working from the stream?

Edit: It turns out that the overlay does actually work, but seems to overlay an enlarged image rather than the true size. Would there be any reason for this?

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Check that your stream is finished downloading. In many languages and situations, trying to access information before it's "all there" can cause problems. – Moshe Dec 27 '09 at 20:03
Have you verified that the bitmap you make from the stream is actually a correct, legitimate image, not a null value or something corrupted? – Dmitri Nesteruk Dec 27 '09 at 20:10
@Dmitri Nesteruk: Well, the image does exist (it's there as an embedded resource), if that's what you mean. @Moshe I'm fairly new to using resources in VB .NET applications. How would I check to see if the stream is finished downloading? – user157078 Dec 27 '09 at 20:22
Also, @Dmitri Nesteruk If I do this instead: overlay = New Bitmap(stream) finalpic.Image = overlay I get the image out. So, I think this may also answer Moshe's question. The image is there and it's good to go. Only problem is that it's not getting overlayed. – user157078 Dec 27 '09 at 20:26
After playing a bit more with the code, I found that the image from the stream gets resized when I use g.DrawImage(overlay, 0, 0). Why would this happen? – user157078 Dec 28 '09 at 0:07

I have the same problem - I've tracked the problem to DPI of image being overlaid and DPI of image that is overlay. Check those two values, and try changing them before doing DrawImage

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