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I want a top margin for my webpage of say 100px when the window is maximised, but if the user resizes the window to shrink it I want this margin to shrink. The margin should have a minimum size of say 10px and should shrink in proportion to the window height.

An example if what I am trying to emulate is http://www.bing.com/

How would I go about implementing this in CSS? I'm stuggling with min-height, min-width, height and width at the moment.


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Without seeing some code, it's difficult to give a great suggestion. But, you can style the html and body to be 100% height which should actually conform to the height of the viewable portion of the browser:

html, body{ margin:0; padding:0; height:100%; }

From there, you can add a div directly into the body and give that a height that is a percentage:

#push{ height: 15%; } 

Your body html would look something like:

    <div id="push"></div>
        asdf asdf

When the body height changes, so will the push height. You may need to tweak that number to get it to your liking. You can also give the push a min-height, but that is not supported in IE6. Also, that 100% html / body could give you trouble later depending on how you're doing your footer and things, so beware and good luck.

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