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I'm creating an API on my application. I currently overrided the as_json method in my model in order to be able to get attached files as well as logo from Paperclip :

def as_json( options = {} )
  super.merge(logo_small: self.logo.url(:small), logo_large: self.logo.url(:large), taxe: self.taxe, attachments: self.attachments)

Then within my controller, I'm doing :

def index
  @products = current_user.products
  respond_with @products

def show
  respond_with @product

The problem is that on the index, I don't want get all the attachments. I only need it on the show method. So I tried it :

def index
  @products = current_user.products
  respond_with @products, except: [:attachments]

But unfortunately it's only working on default product attributes (everyting that I merged seems not to be consider). How can I do to not send :attachments?


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I'd recommend you have a look at active_model_serializers. It will provide a nice and OOP way of handling the kind of object decoration you need - selectively excluding attributes - and much more. There's even a Railscast!

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Thanks. Using it makes it more flexible, indeed. However, I still didn't find the way to send associations wether I'm in index or show action per se, as the serializer is always sending the same data. All I can do is sending depending on user level. Any ideas? – El - Key Nov 5 '13 at 20:52
Two suggestions: A) Create two different serializers, one for each use case, and select it in the controller like render json: @objects, each_serializer: ObjectWithAssociationSerializer, status: 200. B) have a look at this issue on the gem: github.com/rails-api/active_model_serializers/issues/331. It helped me in the past for a similar use case. – dgilperez Nov 6 '13 at 17:34
Thanks a lot. Sounds like a possible solution to my problem till it's full support by the gem. Will digg into it :) Thanks mate – El - Key Nov 6 '13 at 21:06

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