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I've setup a few Bots on Xcode5 continuous integration on OS X Mavericks Server. When I manually run Integrate everything works fine. However, I have the Schedule field set to Poll for new commits but I have yet to see any bots run, even though I have made commits.

How often does Xcode5 continuous integration poll for new commits?

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It should be every 5 mins.

Source: https://developer.apple.com/wwdc/videos/
Session 412 - Continuous Integration with Xcode 5

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Huh. I read the PDF and didn't see that mentioned. Do you remember where-ish the 5 minutes is stated in the video so I can't have to watch the entire thing? –  Doug Richardson Oct 30 '13 at 23:21
Can't see any mention of this in the transcript for session 412... I was there and don't recall this either. asciiwwdc.com/2013/sessions/412 –  Luke Jan 15 at 12:44
"Should be" being the operative words in that sentence. I recall this being said, but in all of my uses of Bots, I've never seen one poll for commits. I'm reasonably confident that it's broken in it's current release. –  Tony Arnold Feb 2 at 23:49
we have been using xcode server bots for about 3 months now, and can say that it HAS, in fact, Polled for new commits correctly and automatically ran an integration build. BUT it seems to mess up every week or so, where it wont catch new commits. Can run manual integration, works. Not sure but it does seem a little picky/cranky/broken. Remaking a new Bot usually works but is not ideal. –  zonabi Apr 21 at 19:59

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