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I'm trying to configure my route in such a way to redirect to the login page if user is not logged. This is my code:

angular.module('', []);
angular.module('witBiz.controllers', ['']);
var witBizModule = angular.module('witBiz', ['ngRoute' , 'witBiz.controllers', ''   ]);

witBizModule.config(['$routeProvider', function($routeProvider) {
    $routeProvider.when('/login', {templateUrl: 'resources/views/login.html', controller: 'LoginController'});
    $routeProvider.when('/index', {templateUrl: 'resources/views/index.html', controller: 'IndexController'});
    $routeProvider.otherwise({redirectTo: 'resources/views/index.html'});
    .run(['$rootScope',  'checkLogin', function($rootScope, checkLogin ,$routeProvider ) {
        $rootScope.$on('$routeChangeSuccess', function () {
           if (checkLogin())
    .factory('checkLogin', function(){
        return function() {
            //perform real logic here
            return true;

where basically I declare modules and services. Now the problem is $location is not defined so I get error. I tried to inject $location as dependency like this but I got undefined injection (injpt):

.run(['$rootScope',  'checkLogin', '$location', function($rootScope, checkLogin ,$location) {
        $rootScope.$on('$routeChangeSuccess', function () {
           if (checkLogin())

So I'm wondering how I can use the builtin $location services inside my "run" method...why can I inject it as a dependency as $rootScope or checkLogin?!

I'm using angular 1.2.0 rc2.


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Here is a working example

Couldn't reproduce the error with $location not working inside .run

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I have been struggling with understanding your example helped – D'lo DeProjuicer Nov 7 '13 at 8:03
This feels kludgy, but it worked, so after two days of struggle - I will accept it as a working answer. Thanks! – demaniak Jun 13 '14 at 12:44

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