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I my .info file I have this:

regions[footermenu] = Footer Menu

The region--footer.tp.php has this:

    print render($page['footermenu']);

I've placed a menu block in the "Footer Menu" (it shows up under structure->blocks). However, it's blank. If I place the block in region I know works the menu content is seen fine. Any idea why the region wouldn't see the block?

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  1. It may just be a typo in your question, but check that the template's file name ends with '.tpl.php'.

  2. The code that triggers the rendering of your region, namely <?php print render ($page['footermenu']); ?>, goes in 'page.tpl.php', which in turn will render 'region.tpl.php' (or 'region--footermenu.tpl.php' in your specific case).

  3. You will have to clear the theme's cache when you add a new template file. That can be done simply by visiting your theme's settings page.

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