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I am using Play 2.2 with SBT 0.13. SBT 0.13 introduced a new feature called autoSettings (http://www.scala-sbt.org/0.13.0/docs/Community/ChangeSummary_0.13.0.html#control-over-automatically-added-settings) that I have been using with my project definition, such as:

lazy val projectA = Project(id="projectA", base=file(".")) .autoSettings(userSettings, allPlugins, sbtFiles(file("../common.sbt")), defaultSbtFiles)

However I am struggling to use this with Play project. When I use it with Play project, I get error:

error: value autoSettings is not a member of Seq[sbt.Setting[_]]

My Play project definition is:

play.Project.playScalaSettings.autoSettings(userSettings, allPlugins, sbtFiles(file("../common.sbt")), defaultSbtFiles)

Am I not using it correctly with Play project or is this not yet supported in Play project?

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Add on top of build.sbt:

import AddSettings._

Add in build.sbt:

lazy val main = Project(id="main", base=file(".")).autoSettings(userSettings, allPlugins, sbtFiles(file("../common.sbt")), defaultSbtFiles)

Or put it all in project/Build.scala

import sbt._
import Keys._
import AddSettings._

object Build extends Build {
  lazy val main = Project(id="main", base=file(".")).autoSettings(userSettings, allPlugins, sbtFiles(file("../common.sbt")), defaultSbtFiles)

or you write it this style in build.sbt:

import AddSettings._

name := "so1"

version := "1.0-SNAPSHOT"

libraryDependencies ++= Seq(

lazy val main = Project(id="main", base=file(".")).settings(play.Project.playScalaSettings:_*).autoSettings(userSettings, allPlugins, sbtFiles(file("../common.sbt")), defaultSbtFiles)

Another possible approach is to create a Build.scala (like in Play 2.1) make the settings there to a play.Project(appName, ...) that is a real SBT project.

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This is what I currently have. My question is how do I use autoSettings with Play project, especially together with the play.Project.playScalaSettings in Play 2.2. –  suriyanto Oct 30 '13 at 7:07
Look into the source of play.Project, in Play 2.2 you don't create a new project like in 2.1, you just apply settings. So you don't have any project to call the method autoSettings. play.Project ist just in your case a misleading name. –  Schleichardt Oct 30 '13 at 7:33
I added an alternative approach where the play settings are only applied to the project. –  Schleichardt Oct 30 '13 at 7:39
Here is the source code for play.Project, there you can see, that you only apply settings and no explicit project creation is done: github.com/playframework/playframework/blob/2.2.0/framework/src/… –  Schleichardt Oct 30 '13 at 7:42
Thanks so much on looking into this. Yes, after looking the source, it makes complete sense to put that in the settings. –  suriyanto Oct 30 '13 at 16:44

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