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I use php ExcelReader to read a excel file,but get nothing.I use java poi read it and succeed. I create a excel template with UTF8 encoding,"Excel 97-2004" format,and ExcelReader could read the excel file,but after client copy data from other excel file and paste in the template,ExcelReader can not read it. I use Macbook OSX 10.7,office 2010,and client use Windows XP,office 2003.I tried ExcelReader with encoding UTF8 and GBK,but all failed. Last I save the excel file as "Excel 5.0/95" format,then I use ExcelReader with GBK encoding to read the new excel file,and succeed to read it.OR if I delete some row of the excel file,it may also be read successfully. That is not a good solution. I wan't to know why.Anyone can help me,thank you!

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Is this library that you're using the PEAR Spreadsheet Excel Reader, PHPExcel, or some other library? –  Mark Baker Oct 30 '13 at 8:13
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