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So I created a database in cPanel to install SMF into for my WordPress website, but I accidentally made my home URL the place to host the forums. It overwrote my entire website. I can't access any of the pages anymore without it redirecting me to my SMF forum. I deleted the database that the forum was connected to and it's just giving me an error now if I try to go to my website. Is there anyone that can point me in the right direction here?

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I guess you'd have to try and restore the files on the top level, most importantly index.php and .htaccess.

When that is done, you'll have to hope that SMF didn't overwrite any important Wordpress directories. If it didn't, your install should work again.

index.php and any other files in the top directory you should be able to copy from a raw Wordpress install.

The only exception is the .htaccess file which contains the routes for pretty URLs (if you use those - if you don't, skip this paragraph). This file has been generated specially for your install. To re-create it, you should be able to access your wp-admin directory already, and update the permalink structure.

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