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I'm having trouble figuring out how to use the PacketFu timestamp struct. (PacketFu docs - timestamp doc) I'm doing

packets = PcapFile.read_packets "myCapture.pcap"

... but I have no idea how to get the timestamp information out of the result. Unix epoch format would be fine.

I'm aware that timestamp info is part of libpcap and not the actual packets, and I've confirmed (in Wireshark) that useful timestamp information is present. I want to extract it programatically.

Here's what I gleaned from the Packetfu test code:

file = File.open("myCapture.pcap") {|f| f.read}
packets = PacketFu::PcapPackets.new.read file
packets.each { |p|
    t = p.timestamp
    puts t.sec.to_i.to_s + "." + t.usec.to_i.to_s
    packet = PacketFu::Packet.parse(p.data)
    # do stuff with packet...

Horrendously undocumented, and probably kills performance to have to read in the whole file instead of passing a block as can be done with PcapFile.read_packets is surprisingly far more performant than PcapFile.read_packets??? (It's an anecdotal, not sceintific, result.)

I'll accept an answer noticeable nicer than the above.

Also, if someone with sufficient rep could create a packetfu tag, that would be great.

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I have the same problem. So I extended PacketFu to solve it. I hope this will help you.

require 'packetfu'

module PacketFu
  class Timestamp
    def to_f
      sec.to_i + (usec.to_i / 1000000.0)

  class PcapFile
    def self.read_packets_with_timestamp(fname, &block)
      count = 0
      packets = [] unless block
      read(fname) do |packet| 
        pkt = Packet.parse(packet.data.to_s)
        pkt.timestamp = packet.timestamp.to_f
        if block
          count += 1
          yield pkt
          packets << pkt
      block ? count : packets

  class Packet
    attr_accessor :timestamp

PacketFu::PcapFile.read_packets_with_timestamp('xxx.pcap') {|pkt|
  if pkt.is_ip? and pkt.is_tcp?
    puts "[#{pkt.timestamp}] #{pkt.ip_src_readable}(#{pkt.tcp_sport}) -> #{pkt.ip_dst_readable}(#{pkt.tcp_dport})"
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