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From the console

>>> sublime.run_command('test_application_args',{'arg1':'5', 'arg2':'4'})
running TestApplicationArgsCommand
arg1: 5
arg2: 4

I want to find what .py file has that command, and if it isn't one if it's some old py file I removed and somehow the pyc file got left behind, then I want to delete the culprit pyc file. How can I find out where this class is located?

I have a similar class and method in one file.

(this one I think was called TestApplicationArgsCommand but I renamed it to test if it was being called, and I changed what it printed, but it didn't change what was outputted from that run command in the console, so I know this one isn't it.

import sublime, sublime_plugin

class TestApplicationArgsPodCommand(sublime_plugin.ApplicationCommand):
    def run(self, arg1, arg2):
        print("running TestApplicationArgsPodCommand")
        print("arg1___: " + arg1)
        print("arg2: " + arg2)

And I have similar ones in another file but I see from what they print (besides the fact that the others don't take 2 args), that they aren't the ones being called either.

How can I find out where this class and method is that is getting called?

Can the python console tell me?

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Not really an answer, but using "Find in files" (ctrl+shift+f) may help you find it. –  DanielB Oct 30 '13 at 3:38
@DanielB good idea I still don't see it listed from that –  barlop Oct 30 '13 at 11:06
@barlop when you did the find in file, what folders were in your project? If you weren't already, I'd open the Packages folder completely. That way you know all possibilities have been searched. If you still can't find it, you could also try writing a small script to remove the *.pyc files. Thess will be generated (assuming a .py file exists). To be safe, you could always copy the packages folder out as a backup, run the remove script, then start ST again. If something is broken, you can revert it. –  skuroda Nov 1 '13 at 2:34
@skuroda I used powergrep(program for scanning txt files and maybe docs, not free though maybe free alternatives), and looked through all .py files, didn't find anything, then I looked into any programs that'd decompile pyc files, to py files then scan them, I found some options but didn't get round to doing them. Then I deleted the pycs, they're only in the users subdirectory 'cos I put all mine there. And it's ok but I don't know what the culprit pyc file was. –  barlop Nov 1 '13 at 20:25

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