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I have an application developed in Liferay. It has a data grid which has pagination.

When ever i open the data grid for the first time Prev is not clickable and Next is clickable. Below is the html code for the same.

    <section class="paginationArea">
    <div id="pager">
    <span id="prev" class="disablehyperlink"><< Previous Page</span>
    <span id="next" class="enablehyperlink">Next Page >></span>

Please let me know how can i check whether that text is clickable or not??

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You can always check it for a class attribute (assuming class change will cause enabling the button). You didn't specify a language so I will show you example in Java.

Element prevButton = driver.getElement(By.id("prev"));
if(prevButton.getAttribute("class").equals("disablehyperlink") {
    // do something

or you can try WebDriver#isEnabled method but I don't know whether it will work because it depends how are you disabling the button

if(prevButton.isEnabled()) {

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Generally, all the <a> anchor Tags will be clickable.

In your case, Prev is not clickable. Because prev [previous in paginator] is hidden; where else Next [next in paginator] is not hidden(enabled).

Use Firebug [firefox add-on] to track all the hidden anchor tags | href links and code accordingly.

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