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I have created a tree using CFTree. I have to traverse that tree level-by-lavel. How should I implement Breadth First algorithm?(Please provide atleast clues) Currently my code below uses depth-first.

- (CFTreeRef)createTreeFromJson:(NSDictionary *)jsonDict
    treeBacking = CreateMyTree(kCFAllocatorDefault, @"A");

    CFTreeRef bNode = CreateChildWithColor(treeBacking, @"B");
    CFTreeRef cNode = CreateChildWithColor(treeBacking, @"C");

    CreateChildWithColor(bNode, @"D");
    CreateChildWithColor(bNode, @"E");
    CreateChildWithColor(cNode, @"F");


    return treeBacking;

static CFTreeRef CreateMyTree(CFAllocatorRef allocator, NSString *name) {

    NSString *info;
    CFTreeContext ctx;

    NSString *treeString = [[NSString alloc] initWithString:name];
    info = treeString;

    ctx.version = 0;
    ctx.info = (__bridge void *)(info);
    ctx.retain = CFRetain;
    ctx.release = CFRelease;
    ctx.copyDescription = NULL;

    return CFTreeCreate(allocator, &ctx);

static CFTreeRef CreateChildWithColor(CFTreeRef tree, NSString *name)
    CFTreeRef child;
    CFTreeContext ctx;
    child = CreateMyTree(CFGetAllocator(tree), name);
    CFTreeGetContext(child, &ctx);
    ctx.info = (__bridge void *)(name);
    CFTreeAppendChild(tree, child);
    return child;

static void TraverseTree(CFTreeRef tree) {
    // If the node has children, then next node is the first child
    CFTreeRef curChild = CFTreeGetFirstChild(tree);
    for (; curChild; curChild = CFTreeGetNextSibling(curChild)) {
        CFTreeContext ctx;
        CFTreeGetContext(curChild, &ctx);
        NSLog(@"Node Name : %@",ctx.info);

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