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I'm writing an application using meteor and I need to run a process each night at a certain time. This process will need access to Meteor's Mongo database and would benefit from other Meteor features too.

Is it possible to run a meteor process or task of some sort on a scheduled basis? Or will I need to use a different stack to achieve what I want?

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There's a smartpackage called meteor-cron that can help you:

Additionally if you want to go more manual you can use Meteor.setInterval (docs) to run every hour and if its midnight to run your task.

Keep in mind if you use meteor deploy for meteor's free hosting, if no one visits your site it will go into a 'sleep mode' then wake up when the next user visits it. The user won't notice it but your meteor app won't be running to run these tasks.

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Thanks Tarang! Does meteor-cron use a similar setInterval method behind the scenes i.e. will it also not fire if the hosting has sent the site to sleep? – Jonathan Moffatt Oct 30 '13 at 21:55
@JonathanMoffatt yes it would use setInterval behind the scenes. It wont fire if the hosting site is sent to sleep. This is only meteor's free deploy hosting. If you host it yourself you won't run into this. – Akshat Nov 2 '13 at 18:20

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