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I have tried so many things. Running from command line, running from cmd, running with /K, putting system("pause"); getchar(); getch(); before return 0 and I simply can't get it to run. I'm writing in Notepad++, compiling in Cygwin and the window appears blank for the split second it appears (according to my screenshot, it could have been taken too early). Basically I've tried anything I could Google myself to. So I figured it must be something wrong with my code that the debugger doesn't show.

#include <stdio.h>

int main()
float lt1, lt2, dmg, x;


        while(x>0 || lt2>dmg)
        return (dmg);
    return (x);

printf("Horde factor is: %f", x);
return 0;

I would appreciate any help I can get, and I hope you will bear over with my inexperience.

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dmg is indeterminate and therefore undefined behavior to even evaluate in your outer while-loop. My guess, its got some big-arse number larger than lt2 and your loop is skipped entirely, but of course, it could also be buying me a latte on west-57th right now. –  WhozCraig Oct 30 '13 at 7:33

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You have undefined behavior in your code.

When you declare a local variable without assigning anything to it, its value is indeterminate. Usage of this variable will be undefined behavior until you assign a value to it.

In this case it's the dmg and x variables that causes this problem.

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Its because of these statement :

 return (dmg); //this ends the code execution .. because you have returned something from main()
 return (x); // even this one is wrong

you are exiting the code there and never getting to the printf ..

there should only be one return in main() .. and at the end.

More problems with your code:

  1. you don't initialise dmg and x , but you use them as parameters for while loop

    float lt1, lt2, dmg, x; // dmg,x uninitialized
  2. In the outer while loop .. its an infinite loop as you don't do anything to the parameters of that loop to get out of it.

  3. Like I said above .. there should be only 1 return in main()

  4. Maybe instead of returning you should look into break; ( i don't know if thats what you want or not as I don't understand your code )

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Thanks for helping out the newbie. I've gotten rid of the two superfluous return and I've initialized x and dmg. The idea was for the inner loop to change the value of dmg, and for the outer loop to change the value of x. That's what I thought I needed return for. –  Zerazar Oct 30 '13 at 7:47

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