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I'm fairly new to both python and ruby.

I've created a python script that imports it's dependencies like this:

import sys
from anki import Collection
from anki.importing import TextImporter

How do I achieve the same functionality in RubyPython? Among other things, I've tried:


sys = RubyPython.import("sys")
Collection = RubyPython.import("anki.Collection")
TextImporter = RubyPython.import("anki.importing.TextImporter")


Which gives me an error: `import': AttributeError: 'module' object has no attribute 'argv' (RubyPython::PythonError) for the line for anki.Collection import.

I've also tried something like this:


sys = RubyPython.import("sys")
Collection = RubyPython.import("collection")
TextImporter = RubyPython.import("anki.importing.TextImporter")


Which gives me an error: `import': ImportError: No module named anki.lang (RubyPython::PythonError) for the line for collection import. You can see from the source code for anki that this is the first thing imported in the file.

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Python interpreter is embedded, thus it makes sense that some process-specific bits, e.g. sys.argv are not available. Your first attempt seems pretty decent, question is, what uses argv? is it used by your code? – qarma Nov 5 '13 at 14:27
Nope. I'm not using argv explicitly. – Deiwin Nov 5 '13 at 14:36
Answer updated with full trace to sys.argv usage at import time. – qarma Nov 5 '13 at 14:50
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Python interpreter is embedded, thus it makes sense that some process-specific bits, e.g. sys.argv are not available.

Here's a quick test without ruby:

In [1]: import sys

In [2]: del sys.argv

In [3]: sys.path.append("anki")

In [6]: import anki.Collection
AttributeError                            Traceback (most recent call last)
<ipython-input-6-ff326ec5c6ff> in <module>()
----> 1 import anki.Collection

/dima/anki/anki/ in <module>()
     33 version="2.0.16" # build scripts grep this line, so preserve formatting
---> 34 from import Collection
     35 __all__ = ["Collection"]

/dima/anki/anki/ in <module>()
      5 import os, copy, re
----> 6 from anki.lang import _
      7 from anki.utils import intTime, json
      8 from anki.db import DB

/dima/anki/anki/ in <module>()
    104 if not currentTranslation:
--> 105     setLang("en_US", local=False)

/dima/anki/anki/ in setLang(lang, local)
     82 def setLang(lang, local=True):
     83     trans = gettext.translation(
---> 84         'anki', langDir(), languages=[lang], fallback=True)
     85     if local:
     86         threadLocal.currentLang = lang

/dima/anki/anki/ in langDir()
     75         os.path.abspath(__file__)), "locale")
     76     if not os.path.isdir(dir):
---> 77         dir = os.path.join(os.path.dirname(sys.argv[0]), "locale")
     78     if not os.path.isdir(dir):
     79         dir = "/usr/share/anki/locale"

AttributeError: 'module' object has no attribute 'argv'

Ideally your code should not rely on sys.argv, consider for example if your module is used by another project, you can make no assumption about what ends up in sys.argv.

  • If you want your code/resource directory, use os.path.dirname(__file__) instead(*)

  • if you really need sys.argv, inject fake array into sys before you import your modules.

(*)Keep in mind that Python code can also be shipped as a zip, in which case you don't even have a directory in the traditional sense.

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Missing sys.argv is documented here: – qarma Nov 5 '13 at 14:51
I'm not responsible for the Anki code; I'm simply using it. But tracing down the issue has helped me enough. Thanks. – Deiwin Nov 5 '13 at 14:59
then you can either inject fake sys.argv or ask RubyPython developers to call PySys_SetArgvEx() in RubyPython init. Perhaps optionally, as it's not clear if command line arguments should be inherited. – qarma Nov 5 '13 at 15:03
@Deiwin why isn't the bounty offered... – K DawG Nov 5 '13 at 17:07
@KDawG, because it doesn't let me award the bounty yet. Need to wait at least 24h since I offered it. – Deiwin Nov 5 '13 at 17:42

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