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Hi a beginner in writing python scripts for Maya. I am trying to write a script that automates the process of opening a Maya file along with its references. Usually when the parent file and reference files are in different destinations Maya cannot open a file being referenced and you have to browse the filename to open it. I am trying to automate this. When a user tries to open a file it should open with all its references. So far I have got this but the main part is what I am confused about.

import pymel.api as api

def callFunc():
    print "hello world" # just a print cmd to check

print "registering a file reference call back"
cb = api.MSceneMessage_addCallback(api.MSceneMessage.kAfterOpen, callFunc())

def callbackOff():

So when the function callFunc() is called, this is where all the action happens. Now I don't know how to proceed.

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There is a built in mechanism for this in Maya its called dirmap which can automatically redirect the files form elsewhere. As a general rule its its a bit too late to do this if the reference us loaded without dirmap unless you suspend loading of references (which the user can override). –  joojaa Oct 31 '13 at 19:34

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Unless there's a specific reason to use pymel, I'd go with regular Maya commands:

import maya.cmds as cmds
import os

def openFileAndRemapRefs():
    multipleFilters = "Maya Files (*.ma *.mb);;Maya ASCII (*.ma);;Maya Binary (*.mb);;All Files (*.*)"

    # Choose file to open
    filename = cmds.fileDialog2(fileFilter=multipleFilters, dialogStyle=2, fileMode=1)

    # Open file with no reference loaded
    cmds.file( filename[0], open=True, force=True );

    # Dir containing the references
    refDir = 'C:/References'

    # A list of any references found in the scene
    references = cmds.ls(type='reference')

    # For each reference found in scene, load it with the path leading up to it replaced
    for ref in references:
        refFilepath = cmds.referenceQuery(ref, f=True)
        refFilename = os.path.basename( refFilepath )       
        print 'Reference ' + ref + ' found at: ' + cmds.referenceQuery(ref, f=True)   
        cmds.file( os.path.join(refDir, refFilename), loadReference=ref, options='v=0;')


For more options on fileDialog2 and file, check out the Maya Python docs at http://download.autodesk.com/global/docs/maya2014/en_us/CommandsPython/index.html

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Thank you..but found another way to do it. –  zingy Nov 7 '13 at 11:08
@zingy could you elaborate on what other way you found to solve this issue? :) –  Roy Nieterau Apr 1 at 16:18

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